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Berry Bowl Set - $36 - $39 per set

Diffuser Pendants

Essential Oils are becoming more and more popular though they have been used for centuries by various civilizations for a variety of reasons.  The information pertaining to essential oils is too complex and detailed to include in this website plus I am far from an expert since I have only recently become familiar with their use.  It is my intent to pursue various styles of diffuser pendants from discs to vessels such as these first ones that I created the past couple of months.  Each pendant comes with a cotton ball inside the pendant/vessel where you can imbue it with your favorite essential oil for whatever mood strikes you.  Remove the cotton with tweezers and replace more to change the mood.  There is a portion of the pendant where the clay remains unglazed so that the vapors may easily emanate throughout the day without touching the skin.  The strand is adjustable from breastbone to the collar.  Check out this website for new designs.  All are different in some way. These pendants are $18 each and come with an organza gift pouch.

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