I love sculpting even more than making pottery on the wheel.  I will make a good supply of bisque ware and have it ready to glaze when the need comes.  Then I'm free to sculpt.  

Recent Functional Work

Custom Orders 

I do lots of custom orders.  My biggest order is from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America which had a youth gathering in Houston Texas in the summer of 2018.  They commissioned me to make 400 Communion sets, a chalice and paten, for this event. 800 pieces altogether.  Challenging but it was completed three weeks ahead of time. 

Eucharistic Vessels

Blue chalices for Ecclesia Church in Houston, Texas

Before November 2013, I had never heard of a yarn bowl. Now I can't keep enough of them made

yarn bowl

Yarn bowls in the making

Texas Tea Glaze - Beautiful Black Glaze

Texas Tea Glaze - My own formula. Non-toxic, dishwasher and microwave safe
Texas desert southwest glaze. It reminds me of Big Bend State Ranch
A good firing of brie bakers, soap dishes, berry bowl sets and mugs

Custom Order for Grace Episcopal Church in Houston, Texas

One Foot Washing Bowl, one ciborium with stem, one ciborium without stem, two chalices, one paten, one 2 quart pitcher, two candle holders.  The pastor, Gena Davis, had already picked up a chalice and bowl for the church.