Sculpture, Crystalline Glazes, Raku and More

Handbuilt with Clay Slabs "Looks Like Turtle Soup to Me"
"Hawksbill Turtle"

After 30 years working in the ceramic medium, I was determined to learn how to produce crystalline glazes.  They are labor intensive but the results are fascinating.

This is the above pot with a close up view of the crystals.  I used cobalt carbonate and manganese to get these crystals.

My first pots experimenting with crystalline glazes were small.  This one I'm holding.  I used copper carbonate for this glaze.

A close up of the above pot.....nice, delicate crystals.

My sundials are made for latitude 29 degrees, 45 minutes.  They keep great time!

More examples of crystalline pots

Sculptural Vessels

"Futurism" handbuilt vessel with clay slabs

Carved, wheel thrown pots

Raku Patina Vessel, SOLD