ClayThings Studio, 1366 Ben Mar Overlook, Cove, Texas, 77523 approximately one mile south of I-10 East in West Chambers County.  Marsha L. Landers, M.A., ceramist since 1979         


Backyard at ClayThings Pottery and Sculpture Studio in Cove, Tx

I won't guarantee that you'll get this lucky but you can dream. 

ClayThings is the official name of my business located in Cove, Texas where we built our home overlooking Cotton Lake.  There is much more to ClayThings than just the pottery.  I give lessons; create sculpture; make ornaments; plan workshops; and have a pottery shop.  Lessons can be for either making pottery or sculpture.

Come to My Studio and Look through the Selection I Have for Sale. Since I don't have regular business hours, please call first 281-303-0279 or 281-639-5987 or you can text this number. I take plastic, check, folding. Thanks.

ClayThings is conveniently located one mile south of Interstate10 at exit #800 coming from the west and exit #803 coming from the east.  We are five minutes from either exit.  If you are a collector and are traveling this direction, you should stop by and take a look but call first or you'll just have my seconds to choose from, located outside where you can drop payment for them in the mailbox right there next to the pottery shelf.

Other Venues where you can find my pottery for sale

The Emporium at Eibands 

Street Level

2201 Postoffice St.

Galveston Texas

Historic Shopping District


Art League of Baytown Gallery

110 W. Texas Avenue

Baytown, Texas 

Historic Shopping District of 

Old Goose Creek

My Sculpture and Pottery are also for Sale through the Art Center of Baytown, 110 West Texas Avenue, Baytown, Texas, 281-427-2222, Wed-Fri, 10-4 pm; Saturday 10-1 pm. Or the Emporium at Eibands, 2201 Postoffice St. Galveston, Texas.  Hours: Wednesday 12 - 3 pm; Thurs-Sun - 11:30 - 5 pm. 

Also at the Art Center you will find the artwork of over thirty local artists in a variety of media - paintings, photography, greeting cards, jewelry, quilts, gourds, hand-painted porcelain and my pottery.  This is the home of the Art League of Baytown, a 501.c.3 non-profit organization since 1954.  We have some great programs.  Please go to


Berry Bowl Sets are also available for sale through Texas Highways Magazine in their True Texas Gift Shop.

Berry Bowl sets such as these, are going to vary some in width and depth but all will adequately hold a quart or a bit more of strawberries, a large bunch of grapes, a pound and a half of boiled shrimp and well over a pint of blueberries. The drain saucer is small but big enough to easily catch any water that drains after you wash your berries.

As with anything handmade, there will be some variation in the glaze and size.  I hope people appreciate the unique quality of each piece which makes all of them original where no others are just alike.  I take special care with all my pottery and so it comes from the heart.  

Now I have a big order from the State of Texas for Yarn bowls.

Before November of 2013, I had never heard of a yarn bowl but now I cannot keep enough of them made.  Never realized how many people love to knit and want these items which are hard to find.  Contact me if you are interested in getting one.  I ship a lot of pottery all over the United States.  I've shipped pots to Canada and China, New York, Kansas, Wyoming, Maine and all over Texas.

We potters have a saying:  "Form Follows Function".  I chose this design for my yarn bowl because of its function.  Wide base and a bit heavier than my usual pots -  for stability when in use.  I trimmed a wide foot also because small pads can easily be applied to it. That way no scratches to the tops of your furniture and if you use one of those polyurethane pads, it's not as likely to slide across the surface.

Original Design Ornaments

Original Design Ornaments - a clay prototype is made and from that a plaster mold is cast.  Once the mold is cured, the original design can be reproduced by pouring clay slip into the mold.  The ornaments are fired, painted with underglazes and then glazed and then fired again. All are signed with Marsha's initials and they are dated.  

Poinsettias have been my favorite Christmas plant ever since I was a child.  I love them and buy some every year for inside my house.  I made a prototype of a poinsettia about 20 years ago and then cast a plaster mold.  Every so often I make a new mold to replace the ones that have lost detail with repeated use.  

The Boot ornaments were an idea to come one year.  I'm a sixth generation Texan and so anything that has to do with Texas is going to surface from time to time.  These have been a very popular item in my inventory.  And now I've added lone star medallions. 

About the Artist 

Marsha Geer Landers has considered herself an artist most all her life, recalling her love of mud, crayons, coloring books, and plain paper when nothing else was available. She loved nature and its beauty and was fortunate to live in rural areas where she could wander barefooted for distances that parents no longer allow their children to trek. It was different back then. But always she drew pictures of trees, birds, animals, flowers, flood waters and sometimes people though the latter were not quite as interesting to her.  She especially loved playing in the mud and perhaps that is why clay became a passion over her initial two dimensional medium of drawing and painting.

 Upon graduating from high school, Marsha attended college, met her future husband, married, began a family and so left her education on a back burner two years after high school. But in 1979, she returned to college and this time around it was for fun.  She took some courses she wanted to take and not necessarily for any particular degree plan. That is where she had an introduction to the ceramic medium and her first teacher, Jack McClendon, greatly influenced her. Marsha pursued more art courses and eventually earned her Bachelor's and then a Master of Arts, Humanities. She also credits one of her university professors, Nick de Vries, for her continued direction in the ceramic medium, for that has given her greater insight to the history of the world and for Marsha, more importantly, this nation, America, which has been home to her ancestors since 1638.

 "You'd be surprised what you can learn when you get into people's kitchens, the utensils they used, and the food they ate.  The best way to study the history of any country is to study the ceramic vessels or other means of storing food for their various civilizations."

 Marsha became a member of the Houston Potters Guild Shop, Inc. in 1992 and remained with that business until it closed in 2011. Currently, she has her work for sale at her ClayThings Studio in Cove, Texas; The Art Center of Baytown, located at 110 W. Texas Avenue in Baytown, Texas. Business hours are Wednesday - Saturday, 10 - 4 p.m. with special occasions having extended hours. Telephone is 281-427-2222.  Yarn Bowls and Berry Bowl sets are available for sale through the "True Texas" Gift Shop in Texas Highways Magazine.  Look at their online store for that and many other original works by Texas Artists made in Texas.

 Marsha is a lifetime member of CAMEO (Clay Arts Museum and Educational Organization), The University of Houston, Clear Lake, Student/Alumni Art Association, Salt Grass Potters, and the Art League of Baytown. 

Marsha is a wife, mother, grandmother and great-grandmother.  A Sixth-generation Texan, she and her husband, Ben, have lived in southeast Texas since 1965, currently in Cove, Texas where her ClayThings Pottery and Sculpture studio is located.

The Art Center of Baytown

Located at 110 W. Texas Avenue, Baytown, Texas, the Art League of Baytown currently has on exhibit the work of over twenty artists to include paintings, drawings, photography, jewelry, pottery, greeting cards, and mixed media sculpture.

The Art League offers classes in oils, watercolor and acrylic, children's art, "Girl's Night Out" art workshops, greeting cards.  We have a Special Needs Art Class for Adults with mild to moderate cognitive delay, age 22 and up.  The Art League also holds art classes for Home Schooled Children, and we have Summer Youth Art Camps annually.  Currently we are getting some weekend art classes started for school age children. We also have a monthly art workshop called the Art Connection at the Oncology Center, Houston Methodist Hospital, Baytown.

Log on to for more information on this and other events coming up.  We welcome anyone to join us whether you create or just appreciate art.

Meet the Rising Stars, Weekly Art Class for Special Needs Adults, age 22 and up. 

The Art Connection, Oncology Center, Houston Methodist Hospital, Baytown.